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Biodiversity observed in wetlands and green spaces located north of the Montreal International Airport

Crowned Merganser (Lophodytes curcullatus)

By Jean Hébert

Spotted woodpecker (Sphyrapicus varius)

By Frederik Gustavsson

Monarch Fields (Wet Section)

By François Riou

TechnoparcOiseaux is:


  • Environmental protection group


  • Ornithology group


  • Protection of wetlands

Grande Biodiversité, meilleur site d'observation d'oiseaux à Montréal, protection des milieux humides et espaces verts au nord de l'aéroport International de Montréal PET/YUL. Petit marais Hubert-Reeves, Marais des Sources, marais Ipex, Marais Coeur, Parc Écologique des Sources ADM. TechnoparcOiseaux, Golf Dorval, Technoparc Mtl.

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