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Overview of damage to the wetlands since 2016

Ipex Marsh

Photo: Jim Harris

- Drainage and drying of the Marais Cœur and the Petit Marais Hubert-Reeves in the Eco-campus Hubert-Reeves sector initiated in 2016 and finished in 2017;

- Construction of a dike-path and the extension of Boulevard Alfred-Nobel in 2018, which contributed to completely drain the Marais Coeur and the Petit Marais Hubert-Reeves;

- 4,200 trees felled, the majority of which were cut in the Heron Forest located north of the Heron marsh;

- Frederick-Banting basin, built to accumulate water diverted from the Marais Coeur and the Petit Marais Hubert-Reeves, ended up being an absolute failure since most trees planted to "recreate" a marsh, are all dead. A marsh cannot be recreated by humans. It is a natural ecosystem in itself which is the result of the evolution of natural processes;

- Backfilling in the Ipex sector in 2020;

- Backfilling of five other marshes planned in the Marais Ipex sector, as described in a certificate of authorization granted by the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change.

Grande Biodiversité, meilleur site d'observation d'oiseaux à Montréal, protection des milieux humides et espaces verts au nord de l'aéroport International de Montréal PET/YUL. Petit marais Hubert-Reeves, Marais des Sources, marais Ipex, Marais Coeur, Parc Écologique des Sources ADM. TechnoparcOiseaux, Golf Dorval, Technoparc Mtl.

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