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Start of construction work
in the Petit Marais Hubert-Reeves
Photo: Jim Harris

The Technoparc Montreal wetlands and adjacent federal lands consist of three contiguous habitat types: marsh, forest and field. These habitats are currently unfragmented and are part of an interconnected ecosystem. This interconnection allows for a high biodiversity of birds, animals and plants adapted to these three habitats in the heart of the Island of Montreal.


These lands are highly prized by developers. There is a real risk of seeing a large part of this living wealth disappear.


 These natural environments represent nearly 215 hectares of contiguous land that we want to protect in order to:


- Preserve this great biodiversity of the three interconnected habitats;


- Fight against the heat islands generated by concrete buildings and the enormous parking lots that are largely unoccupied;


- Capture greenhouse gases and thus fight against climate change;


- Allow a certain regulation of water in order to control flooding, as wetlands act as a sponge;


- Allow many citizens to observe a wide variety of forest birds and wetlands in the heart of the Island of Montreal.

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