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Who we are

Red-tailed hawk (Juv.)
Photo: Chantal Paul

  • We are a citizen group of nature and biodiversity lovers, defending one of Montreal's last unprotected wetlands and natural greenspaces.

  • We are twenty volunteers in the TechnoparcOiseaux group.

  • In early fall & up to the spring, a group of volunteers installs and regularely refills bird feeders at the three bird feeding stations at Des Sources Ecological Park, in the ADM sector. They also trim off the vegetation in the  area and remove the snow in the winter.

  • Volunteers organize observation hikes.

  • We administer this website, our Facebook , Twitter , eBird , iNaturalist and Instagram pages.

  • We maintain trails and signage all year round.

  • We install, repair and clean the multiple supervised nest boxes.

  • We organize meetings with the various municipal, provincial and federal stakeholders.

  • We organize other activities, such as monarch butterfly tagging, hikes, and bird surveys, in addition to site-wide basic maintenance.

Montreal, Quebec,

Grande Biodiversité, meilleur site d'observation d'oiseaux à Montréal, protection des milieux humides et espaces verts au nord de l'aéroport International de Montréal PET/YUL. Petit marais Hubert-Reeves, Marais des Sources, marais Ipex, Marais Coeur, Parc Écologique des Sources ADM. TechnoparcOiseaux, Golf Dorval, Technoparc Mtl.

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