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Where goes the water diverted from

Petit Marais Hubert-Reeves and Marais Coeur?

  • These photos were taken in July 2017. After the work carried out in the Ruisseau Bertrand watershed, the water was redirected via the ditch on Marie-Curie avenue and large underground concrete pipes to this artificial collection basin at a cost of $ 11.8M. The water will then continue on its way until it reaches Rivière-des-Prairies. This basin is located just northwest of Parc Urgel-Archambault on the other side of Frederick-Banting street, west of Marie-Curie avenue, in the Borough of St-Laurent on the edge of the City of Dorval along the railroad. It is part of the provincial government compensation system.

  • We firmly believe that this civil engineering work will never be able to replace the biodiversity that was once in the Petit Marais Hubert-Reeves and the Marais Coeur! The banks are too steep for shorebirds. There is too much current after the heavy rains. The young trees that the City of Montreal has planted there are almost all dead (bad species of trees, planted in the wrong place, “feet in the water”). There is however a lot of lawn instead of trees.

  • According to TechnoparcOiseaux, the “path-dike” north of the extension of Alfred-Nobel boulevard is not solely used to “ protect and conserve ” the water north of it; but was well and truly designed to prevent water from reaching further south and to allow these infrastructures to “ drain and dry up ” the marshes south of it, in order to be able to build there.

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